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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We love ignorance! YES WE DO! We love ignorance! AND SO WILL YOU!

When the hell are people gonna learn that you can't put others down just to make yourself feel better. Remember when you got picked on in school and you went home and told your Mom? YEAH, YOU REMEMBER! Your mother would have probably said something like "Honey people pick on others because they hate themselves, they do it to feel better about themselves. Well Vicente the "president" of Mexico must have been one of those bullies with low self esteem that picked on others.

Vicente made some nice little racist comments last week to defend his people from racist conditions. Uhhhhh.....memo to dumb ass Vicente, you don't fight fire with fire(I know some say you do, but it NEVER works), furthermore what century does Vicente's stupid ass live in! The last time I heard of Black people scrubbing toilets and such was when Jim Crow was still in effect and they were probably the only jobs we could get. Now things are better....YEAH, THEY'RE STILL FUCKED UP, but still better. Didn't someone forward the memo about slavery and civil rights to Vicente? I guess not! Maybe someone forgot to alert the Mexican "President" that MOST people in America won't do the jobs some immigrants do!

What annoys me most about his comments is that he is a person of color too. Maybe he thinks he is white or a white chicano. NEWSFLASH! To Americans you are a Mexican/Latin American. Why put down your own people(yes, we're are your people too, moron!) Furthermore, he fails to realize that he managed to insult Mexicans and Mexican Americans too. All immigrants illegal or otherwise aren't busboys and office maids. So if I was Mexican I would not be backing this asshole on his comments, but as another person of color I am always appalled at how divided people of color are. I am also apalled that there are still people that think that Black people are nothing but barnacles on the bottoms of ships or nothing more than the green slimy jam in between toes, subhumans to be picked, prodded at, and dicarded. FAIR GAME.

So, I guess Vicente was and still is one of those kids that picked on others to make himself and in this case his people feel better. Only he is waaay to ignorant to realize it does more harm than good.

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